Audio Bible

We bring the Bible to you the old-fashioned way; you can listen to it via our Audio Bible!

Via we will guide you through the whole Bible in one year following a unique Bible reading plan. With lots of variance! Every day you will hear four or five chapters, always a mix of Old and New Testament scriptures. Our program has a setup of five days of listening a week. So you will be able to easily catch up when you missed a day of listening. You can listen to this program for example on work days, on your way to work or college. Your daily portion will take about 20 to 30 minutes a day. Every portion will be introduced to you with our unique chapter introductions.

We provide our Audio Bible via an audio book, which you can buy via Audible.

In Bible days and through many centuries people were not able to read the Bible. Most of them were not able to read at all. The only way that they could get to know God and His will, was by listening. Modern techniques make it possible to get into your Bible the old-fashioned way easily.

Today there are many options for an Audio Bible or online Bible. All having pros and cons. Many options give you a way to go through the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter. You have to set up your own schedule. And of course, you have to remember where you were if you want to make listening to the Word of God a daily habit!

Test our Audio Bible

We will start our program by offering a 4 weeks trial. Just order our first 4 weeks and see how you like it. This is how you can get the program:

For the price of only 1 cup of coffee you listen to the Word of God via our Audio Bible. Just test it yourself!

When response to our program is good we will provide the whole Audio Bible shortly. 

One reason for this approach is the fact that we’ve only been able to purchase legal right for using the New Living Translation for the Bible books presented in the first 4 weeks. 


If you like our program as much as we do, please feel free to donate into the project. As a result this will help us purchasing legal rights for the New Living Translation, needed to provide our full year program. Use the donation button below and we will be very thankful!



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